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Step By Step Guide to LPC Endorsement Licensure


If you want to become successfully licensed in other states, you must first know their licensing requirements. This is especially true if you are seeking licensure in multiple states. You will most likely accomplish this through a process called “endorsement”. 

The principles of approaching this are mostly the same whether it is counselor, social work or marriage and family therapist licensure. Most importantly, this requires that you understand how to read and interpret board rules.

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Why It’s Important to Understand State Rules and Regulations

Licensing Board Rules and Regulations are adopted either through law or a state licensing board implementing rules that are consistent with the law. Board rules cannot violate state law.

Licensing requirements are contained within board rules and regulations. 

So they are official requirements and under normal circumstances must be followed by that licensing board.  And you will need to understand the rules for each state state. 

Especially as regards LPC and LMFT’s, the requirements rules vary widely. I may go as far as to say no two states have the same licensing requirements. 

Why It’s Not Sufficient To Read The Licensing Application

If you are seeking LPC LCSW or MFT licensure, you may be tempted to download and submit an application without knowing that board’s rules and wait to see if it was approved.

Specifically, license applicants struggle with knowing whether they can become licensed since all the necessary information is not in the application. 

How State Licensing Boards are Structured

There are divisions in state government that handle regulation of professional practice licenses. For example:

In Georgia the Secretary of State office regulates LPC LMFT and LCSW licenses.

In California, Department of Consumer Affairs regulates behavioral health practitioners.

In Tennessee, the Department of Public Health regulates Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marital and Family Therapists and Licensed Clinical Pastoral Therapists. 


Why You Need to Know State Rules and Regulations

Each state’s licensing application will have unique acceptable supervisor, work academic and many other sections to complete. But the application rarely defines those terms.

For example, in some states supervisors need to be approved by the board. In other states, supervisors need to make formal application to the board to become an Approved Supervisor. These definitions usually can only be found in the rules and regulations. 

In order to submit a proper application by examination or endorsement that can be approved, you will need to know that state’s rules.  

Finding Each State LPC Endorsement Requirements Rules

Our example will be Pennsylvania.

Type in your browser “pennsylvania counseling board” or similar terms like “LPC PA counselor board”. Pretty much any of these searches will provide relevant search results. Let’s go:  

Google search for “pennsylvania counseling board”…. 

"Mr. Groh was extremely helpful in assisting me complete and process my LPC application. Thanx to Eric, I received my LPC in November!"
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Click thru to Always look for a .gov webpage first.

Click through to the Pennsylvania Counseling Board homepage:

Click “”Board Laws and Regulations”

Step By Step Guide To LPC Endorsement Licensure

Click “Professional Counselors Regulations”

Endorsement Requirements

Scroll through the page. Select “Licensure By Endorsement”

Step By Step Guide To LPC Endorsement Licensure

You have successfully located Pennsylvania’s requirements for licensure by endorsement.

Step By Step Guide To LPC Endorsement Licensure

Repeat the Process For Other State’s LPC Endorsement Requirements

Locating LPC licensing rules will be slightly different for each state, but if you follow this step-by-step guide to locating LPC endorsement requirements you’re task will be much easier. 

Remember, each states’ requirements often differ dramatically. 

"Mr. Groh was extremely helpful in assisting me complete and process my LPC application. Thanx to Eric, I received my LPC in November!"
counseling supervision reviews
Kristen Faircloth

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