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Superior Georgia APC and LPC Licensing Services

If you’re pursuing a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) license in Georgia, I offer comprehensive online video services to help you navigate the maze of GA LPC licensing. From comprehensive LPC application preparation to post-licensing consultation,  I’m here to guide you every step of the way. As a former board appointee, I’ve signed off on over 7000 GA LPC licensing board applications. Contact me even if you think or have been told by others you cannot be licensed. Let’s be sure.

What Can I Expect From My Licensing Consultation?

Describe your licensing issue to me in detail. Complete my consultation application. Include all information relevant to your licensing issue. You upload documents I will need. 

I will review your transcripts, supervision, work sites and all other relevant licensing documentation. I will provide you with a complete assessment of your licensing issue, whether it is possible for you to become licensed and the fastest route to licensing. 

I will follow up with you throughout the process of as you provide documentation requested by Georgia’s counseling board. We will work together to respond to the board’s request for information with the goal of submitting your best possible application.

Client Testimonials

"What an exceptional experience! Eric is knowledgeable, honest, curious, patient, pleasant and persistent. He is just who I needed to help me work through my professional shift from Chicago to Atlanta."
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Stephanie C
"Eric is extremely knowledgeable and has been crucial in assisting me in reaching my licensure goals...I can't recommend him more for consultation or counselors in training."
best affordable lpc supervision
Sophie O
Eric is absolutely amazing. He is knowledgeable, responsive, timely, compassionate, and kind. I am so blessed that my search engine led me to him. I have a LPC peer mentor and ethics guru for life!
Ethics Testimonial for Eric Groh
T.L. Nelson

Frequently Asked Questions About My LPC Licensing Services

Yes! Absolutely. I understand Georgia’s LPC requirements thoroughly. I will thoroughly review your application and maximize the chances your application will sail through to approval.

Yes! I will need a copy of the letter you received from the board. Providing information to the board can work for you or against you.  It’s important we respond to the deficiency appropriately. 

Yes, all of my meetings are held on Zoom. 

Yes! We’ll work together to address the options the Composite board may offer to you. 

Yes! The goal of all APC / LPC licensing issues is to provide the Composite board what is required the first time you submit application.  This begins with getting your APC contract affidavit approved. 

Yes! I will review all of your materials and determine the best route to getting your LPC application approved.

Yes! Out of state licensees can be complex. This is primarily because of the need to demonstrate you have met equivalent GA LPC licensing requirements.

After we discuss the licensing problem, I will determine fees for the services. 

Yes! It will frequently be necessary to remain in contact as I help you move through the licensing process. 

I aid social workers and marriage and family therapists with ethics consultation services. Unfortunately, I do not provide GA licensing services to those professions.

Yes! In fact, providing you clinical supervision is often the most cost effective: I can help keep you on track by monitoring job changes and ensuring you are in compliance with your contract affidavit or any other issues that could interfere with you becoming licensed. 

A MUST Watch Video: How I Can Help You

Committed To Delivering Results


Eric has reviewed and personally signed off and approved/denied over 7000 licensing board applications. "He knows his stuff!"- Caryn P, LPC

Proven Success

"I had a complicated LPC licensure application where I got a 3-page letter back from the board with problems with it. Eric calmed my nerves. Eric was always a message, phone call or email away. I finally have my LPC and I am so grateful to Eric". Enid O, LPC

Personalized service

Every application is unique. Rest assured you will receive customized and meticulous service tailored to your personal and professional licensing needs. If you are applying from out-of-state, he can help determine your best route to licensing.

Fast Appointments

Some LPC/APC applicants have urgent situations and I'll accommodate you with an appointment as soon as possible.

Contact Me Now To Pursue Your License. Time is Money.