Clinical Ethics Consultation Services

Expert Consultation Services For Therapists Facing Challenging Ethical Dilemmas.


Seek the services of an experienced counseling ethics consultant you can trust.
One who has a firm grasp on ethics and expertise with professional licensing issues.

Our primary mandate as therapists and LPCs is to ethically deliver treatment services to ensure we don’t harm our clients. The decisions you make as a counselor are critical. Making the wrong decision can harm your patient and jeopardize your privilege to practice.  

It is best practice to consult with peers when faced with a clinical or other ethical dilemma. Unfortunately we are sometimes offered many different viewpoints from peers and still can’t arrive at a consensus–just because everyone says it, doesn’t mean it’s the best answer. Still, consulting a trusted peer should be your first-line action when faced with an ethical dilemma. 

Unfortunately, many counselors are hesitant to consult for fear the peer will panic and conclude it is an ethics violation that must be reported to a licensing board. We are also faced with situations of having a choice between several options–none of which are optimal.


Professional Counselors • Social Workers • Marriage and Family Therapists

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Clinical Ethics Consultation FAQs

First, I will ask a series of questions which will help me understand the most pertinent facts about your dilemma. This will also help you understand and express your case in a clear and concise manner. You will express the dilemma to me in your own words. I can usually pin down the core of your dilemma quickly. I may interrupt you occasionally if I believe some of the information you are providing is not pertinent. This will permit me to maximize the use of our time. I will share with you what are possible outcomes of the decisions you choose. I can assist with answering most ethics related questions. Most clients report feeling less anxiety and worry when the session ends. Most clients report having gained understanding about their dilemma they did not have prior to the appointment.  If your concerns are legal or civil in nature, I may refer you to an attorney. 

Yes! In fact, all of my services are provided remotely through video. Regardless of geographical location, I can provide services to you. 

Yes! It will important that you understand the professional ethics directly related to your dilemma. 

Each ethics case is unique. I will help you arrive at a decision that works for you. Most clients find the session helpful and applicable across their caseload. Professional ethics problems are often anxiety provoking. Anxiety can cause one to become rigid in their thinking. Some consulting clients have made their decision in advance of the appointment and may therefore be dissatisfied with the perspectives and solutions I present. For these reasons all session fees are non-refundable.

300.00. 45-60 Min. If you are a repeat client, the fee is 200.00. 

I accept Zelle and major credit cards. I do not accept American Express. 

Hear From My Past Clients

Ethics Consultation Service Testimonials

“Eric’s knowledge and advice with ethics consultations are invaluable and his non-judgemental style is key!”
counselor ethics consultation services
Mari Mars, LPC
Petrichor Counseling LLC
"Eric was very helpful in navigating a potentially difficult situation...If you need advice or direction, do not hesitate in consulting him."
Leah Epelbaum, LPC
Eric is very informative and kind. He helped reduce my anxiety surrounding ethical supervision practices. Highly recommend.
Dusty Hart, LPC

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