Becoming More Anxious About an Ethics Dilemma?

Why should one always seek clinical ethics consultation with peers on an ethics dilemma?

The decision you make, even if not the best, will be based upon “Standard of Care”. In other words, ‘my decision is based upon a consensus of peers.’

But sometimes that isn’t enough.

Why not seek help from a former counseling,  social work and
MFT licensing board president and ethics complaint investigator for the state?

Sometimes we are offered many different viewpoints from peers and still can’t arrive at a consensus–just because everyone says it, doesn’t mean it’s the correct answer.

And since you’re the only one who knows all the facts about your situation, you must make the ultimate decision.

No two cases are alike.

For example, a licensing board can review 10 complaints that seem completely unique, yet when they are processed, the board often finds they are all boundary or dual relationship violations.

Let me help put you at ease with a customized ethics consultation.

A Proven Track Record of Success

Ethics Demystified, LLC / Eric Groh, LPC

“eric’s knowledge and advice with ethics consultations are invaluable and his non-judgemental style is key!”

– Mari Mars MS LPC, Owner, Petrichor Counseling LLC

Anxiety Building With An Ethics Dilemma?

Telemental Health And Ethics

The laws for practice across state lines are becoming more complex. Though there have been temporary COVID-19 provisions and trends with Counseling Compact and PsyPact, it is illegal to practice in a state where you aren’t licensed.

Even if you are an approved remote state telehealth provider, you are still accountable to your home state for all aspects of your license.

Your out-of-state practice may be legal…but that doesn’t guarantee it is sensible, wise or ethical.

Telemental health is a constant balancing act.

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