Professional and Ethics Consultation For Psychotherapists

Anxiety Building With An Ethics Dilemma?

Experienced and Knowledgeable

One should always consult with peers on an ethics dilemma, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Sometimes we are offered many different viewpoints and can’t arrive at a consensus–just because everyone says it, doesn’t mean it’s the correct answer. And since you’re the only one who knows all the facts about your situation, you must make the ultimate decision.

I processed over 200 consumer ethics complaints against licensees while serving on Georgia’s Composite Board.

No two cases are alike. For example, the board can review 10 complaints that seem completely unique, yet when they are adjudicated the board often finds they are all boundary or dual relationship violations.

A Proven Track Record of Success

It’s difficult to solve a problem if you’re filled with fear and anxiety. It’s best to get help with it before you dig yourself deeper in a hole. So let’s sit down, take a deep breath and think it through together. 

So whether you’re a licensed social worker, marriage and family therapist or professional counselor, I can assist. Most licensees leave the consultation with a solution.