“I had a complicated LPC application where I got a lengthy letter back from the board with the problems with it. A member of my state professional counselors association representing LPCs was not able to assist. I contacted Eric where he broke all of it down. A few meetings and messages later, Eric was able to guide me on what exactly I needed to do. I received another letter months later where Eric again calmed my nerves and walked me through what to do. Eric was always a message, call or email away. I finally have my LPC and I am so grateful to Eric!”

  • Georgia Licensing Diagnosis $400

    If your application is denied, approval becomes more difficult. I can assist you with addressing errors, aiding you in planning your work experience in advance, responding to board requests for information and presenting your best possible application. Includes follow-up.

  • Out-Of-State Practice and Design $400

    Practicing telemental health in a state you aren't licensed is a serious matter both legally and ethically. At a loss for deciding when to treat versus refer clients who reside in another state? I can assist you with custom design of your practice to ensure your practice activity is wise and ethical. Perfect for licensees nationwide!

  • Ethics Consultation $200

    Deal with an ethical dilemma before you are in too deep with the problem. If you have an ethical dilemma with a client I can help you arrive at a solution that is best for you. Perfect for licensees nationwide!

  • Supervision $150/Session

    Not selecting an ethical supervisor or work site can cost you time--sometimes years-- and money. We will work to minimize the chances your application will be denied when you are eligible to apply. Learn in a supportive environment trusting I can assist with some of the most difficult clinical situations. We'll work within a framework that will give you a good start on developing a solid grasp on ethics-- by the time you have completed your supervision with me you will understand board rules better than the vast majority of your peers.

*Please note: I am not accepting new therapy patients at this time.*

The quickest way to schedule is by selecting an appointment from my calendar above. Please describe how I can assist in the box below. You may also call me at 404-985-6785. I work via video only. **All appointments are Eastern Daylight Time.**

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