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I’ve signed off on over 7000 Georgia associate counselor and licensed professional counselor (LPC) applications. I understand the application process can be difficult. The struggle to obtain an LPC license is real. Amongst the many difficulties is receiving a deficiency letter from the GA LPC licensing board or that your application has been denied. Let’s work together on a plan for a great supervision experience. Contact me to apply for a supervision interview. 

  • Is your supervisor unable to assist with complex counseling clinical patients?
  • Are you coming from out-of-state and seeking an LPC license in Georgia?
  • Do you feel you aren’t receiving enough supervision guidance?
  • Is your supervisor tentative and indecisive?
  • Has your supervisor refused to sign a supervision form?
  • Unable to locate a previous boss or supervisor?
  • Director or boss/employer refusing to sign forms?
  • Is your supervisor refusing to recommend you for LPC licensure?
  • Frustrated with the licensing board saying you have not met licensing requirements?


Choose Your Option and Go

Comprehensive License Eval

$ 400
  • Application Diagnosis: Includes evaluation of graduate transcripts, past and current supervision and work experience and all other license related documents and forms.
  • Create a personalized roadmap for your path to licensing*
  • If we decide we are not compatible, you can freely take your roadmap to other potential supervisors.
  • (*The licensing board makes final decisions on issuing licenses. Board rules and requirements are subject to change)

Hourly Supervision

$ 160
  • Free Initial Consult
  • Application and Interview
  • Evaluate Potential Supervisee for Compatibility
  • If we proceed with supervision, I will apply that that 1 hour as your first supervision session*
  • (*In Georgia, you must be currently at a board approved worksite if you want to apply this hour toward supervision requirements)

A MUST Watch: Your Drive To Be Mentored

Why Choose Us

Guiding You Through The GA LPC Supervision Process With a Focus On Ethics


Eric can help you navigate most clinical mental health cases. His goal is supervisee confidence.

Clinical Expertise

Eric's clinical experience includes Grady Memorial Hospital's inpatient unit, medical/ surgery emergency room assessments, public health, residential treatment and private practice. He can teach you how to work with the most severe forms of mental illness--acutely suicidal, schizophrenia, dissociative disorders, borderline personality disorder, manifestations of psychosis, trauma, addictive disorders,.

Ethics Expert

Eric served three governor appointments and was president and Composite board complaints investigator. He understands ethics and imparts a clarity and simplicity to his supervisees.

Free Email Consultation

Eric has available appointments usually within 7-10 days. Some licenses have urgent situations and he will accommodate those in any way possible.

My Philosophy and Approach To Supervision

Balancing Level of Structure in Supervision

One important factor in approaches to supervision is high versus low structure. Each has their advantages. The advantages of high structure in supervision is that by erring on the side of caution, the supervisor has greater day to day control of the therapist’s activities. The advantages of moderate structure are permission for the sujpervisee to take risk and make decisions on their own.

My approach to supervision is moderate structure. As new therapists we make mistakes; an inappropriate intervention, inadvertent breach, a boundary crossing. Experienced therapists make the same mistakes. The struggle of most new therapists is problem solving and my aim is to instill self-confidence. 

Combined Authority and Mentoring

My supervision is a hybrid of mentoring and authority. Authority doesn’t refer to claiming to know everything. In fact, expect that you will have knowledge in areas I do not. It is referred to as sapiential authority and involves asserting conviction in helping you because I am experienced in clinical aspects of psychotherapy and ethics.

Through experience, I can often provide clarity on clinical and ethical dilemmas efficiently. And quickly. I have managed many high risk clients and can make this much less overwhelming for you. I combine this with a mentoring and coaching approach. Directed experience under supervision need not be frightening.

Psychotherapeutic Intervention

All of us have blind spots. Whether in our personal lives or as professionals. Sometimes we struggle to find a solution to an ethical dilemma or a clinical intervention with a client. Often we learn it is because we have a blind spot. This partly owes to countertransference. But a poor grasp on countertransference can lead to hazardous boundary crossings. As therapists, we are mindful of countertransference as an obstacle- or facilitator- of change with our clients. In a supervisory relationship, we apply the same principles to promote professional growth within our supervisees.

I employ psychotherapeutic techniques when necessary in supervisee training. Not psychotherapy per se, but applying the principles of it.


The manner of evaluation I employ is as much critique as a tool for helping you become a better and more confident therapist. I will provide you both formal written and real-time verbal evaluation. We will do this together at each session. You will view and participate in all of my written documentation and evaluation of your work.

FAQs Regarding Our LPC Supervision Services

Yes! In fact, all of my services are provided remotely through video.

If I agree to supervise you through the duration, it is unlikely your license will be denied for not having met requirements. No supervisor can guarantee the board will issue your license, but I also won’t offer to supervise you if there is something about your education or another problem that will most surely prevent you from becoming licensed.

Yes! You are under no obligation to continue supervision with me and both of us can terminate at any point. Our only obligation is to be forthright about the parting. If you have not already found another supervisor, I can provide names of other supervisors. You are already an associate level licensee, so your license pursuit including locating a new supervisor is ultimately your responsibility.

That is an unlikely if you participate and follow my recommendations. Unless I determine you are willfully harming patients or are a risk to the public, supervision should be educational and useful. Bluntly, many of us are average and even mediocre therapists, but it does not mean we are harmful therapists. I screen supervisees carefully and therefore decline to supervise many applicants.

Quickly. In both instances, I usually provide the notarized form to supervisees within 7 days.

Yes! In fact you need to know the requirements and rules and we will go over them together periodically.

Ethical practice can be taught if the therapist is willing to learn and grow not only professionally, but personally. In this business, personal growth is the key to professional development. If you have an open mind, I can help you become an ethical therapist. Having your own therapist will be very helpful as well.

No. My fees are the same for all supervisees.

Currently, I don’t provide group supervision.

Supervisee Testimonials

Eric's supervision also gave me the skills to sail through the licensing process. I got my LPC on the first try! He knows his stuff..." -Caryn Patel, LPC
eric groh reviews
Caryn Patel, LPC
The Aspire Center
What an exceptional experience! Eric is knowledgeable, honest, curious, patient, pleasant and persistent. The perfect recipe for what could have been a very stressful move. He is just who I needed to help me work through my professional shift from Chicago to Atlanta. Eric is organized and always had something meaningful and memorable to offer in our time together. Thanks Eric!
Stephanie Cartwright

Credible and Trustworthy

Nationally Credentialed.
Nationally Trained.

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