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Proven satisfaction

Eric is extremely knowledgeable and has been crucial in assisting me in reaching my licensure goals as well as supervision goals. I can’t recommend him more for counselors in training or for consultation. Eric knows a great deal about the Board of Georgia for professional counselors as well as ethical issues in the profession and legal issues. I’m very happy with the help he’s given me and can’t recommend him more! – Sophie Lake Oswin 

You can also read my Google reviews. I have helped many licensees feel less anxiety about ethics knowing they have a peer with a kind, caring  and committed approach. 

Filling a gap In Services For Licensed Counselors

Like you, I worked hard to meet licensing requirements and eventually became licensed as a Georgia LPC. I worked as a professional counselor treating mental illness and addiction for many years. 

Why have I developed a consulting practice focused solely upon advocating for peers? Whereas there are entities organizations for the profession, few are working for you the individual licensee. 

Few can deliver solutions for complex Georgia LPC licensing problems. Few are helping out-of-state licenses obtain their Georgia LPC license. Few are helping licensees directly address application denials and deficiencies and providing highly customized services. 

If you’re seeking an associate or professional counseling license, you need a former board member in your corner.

A New Approach To Ethics

I believe peers primary roles should be to mentor, not be gatekeepers. I believe in a shift in how we interact with each other as peers. One in which a peer assumes a role of advocating not for the profession, but for you as an individual. 

All of my services aim to help you obtain and keep your license.

My confidential ethics consultations, clinical supervision and continuing education will arm you with confidence that you are practicing safely.

The use of scare tactics in ethics consultation and training only creates a bigger problem since it pushes unethical conduct into the shadows. 

Problems I Can Help You Address:

There are many legal and ethical issues surrounding interjurisdictional practice that must be addressed. For example, most malpractice carriers don’t cover incidents arising outside of the U.S. Let’s discuss it. I can help design your practice in a manner that helps you avoid legal and ethical problems yet enables you to achieve your practice goals.

We can sit down and discuss how you might best address the content of the board letter. Sometimes, I may refer you to legal counsel as well. 

Every license application is different. No two are the same. I can examine all of your license application materials including transcripts. there are often courses the board may accept upon further scrutiny. But the goal is to submit your best possible application the first time so you won’t need to respond to deficiencies.

My ethics consultations are two-fold. A traditional peer consultation, but I also help you understand the impact a negative outcome could have upon your license. Don’t worry! After the consultation session, most licensees feel great relief. 

Bartering by it’s nature creates a dual relationship. During the ethics consultation we’ll discuss the best way to handle the situation including damage control. 

There are generally two ways to be issued an LPC license in Georgia if you are coming from out-of-state: endorsement or full application (no reciprocity). How to approach this isn’t always clear. We can examine all of the requirements you completed in your home state and determine the best course that will maximize that the license will be issued.

The online platforms must be used thoughtfully and carefully. It’s important to remember that therapists waive most rights in areas of liability or disputes. We can discuss how you might structure your practice making use of the online platforms but also fitting them into other profitable service delivery methods.

Discussing an Ethics Dilemma. After engaging a supervisee, we sometimes discover they could be a risk to the public. Whether to recommend can have repercussions and sometimes the dilemma is formidable. I can help you weigh out the scenario and usually simplify it for you so you will know which decision to make.

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