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“The goal to a thriving and stress-free psychotherapy practice is maintaining proper license hygiene.”

LPC License Application Diagnoses

The Georgia Composite Board’s Professional Counselor licensing process can be difficult to navigate. Presenting a proper application is key. How to do this is not always obvious. Let me provide you a licensing application diagnosis customized and designed just for you.

A Board Approved LPC Clinical Supervisor

Take advantage of my two credentials that meet the requirements for state approved supervisors- accepted by 15 states. You owe it to yourself to have a supervisor who thouroughly understands the licensing process and fully supports your efforts to learn and grow as a therapist in training.

Private Ethics Consultation

Every ethical dilemma is unique. Take advantage of my experience adjudicating hundreds of board complaints against licensees. Schedule a session. I can help you see through the fog and make the decision that is right for you.

Events and CE Webinars

I provide free events and clinical continuing education training. Whether you are a professional counselor, social worker, Marriage and Family Therapist, or Psychologist I can help you design a booming private practice focused on proper license hygiene.


Therapy is Science

The science of therapy is learned in graduate school through coursework and research– textbooks on family therapy, play therapy, group therapy, diagnosis of schizophrenia and other severe mental illnesses. Also, there are many theories and approaches to helping people improve their mental state and change behavior.

My experience covers the spectrum of clinical mental health and addiction. From emergency rooms, residential treatment, and public health to private practice psychotherapy. Understanding the science of psychotherapy is important, but Like many professions after you graduate school you will use very little academics in your client’s therapy sessions.

Therapy is Art

You as an Artist: Making a Sketchbook of Your Life. With the art of therapy everything you experience in my office is an opportunity to help you understand yourself, grieve your losses, and allow yourself to feel and heal and grow and change. When you notice something on my desk has been moved a few inches. When I yawn (but that doesn’t happen often-honestly). When YOU yawn. When your eyes fill with tears. When you suddenly change the topic. These are only examples. Therapy is both frightening and exciting. That is how therapy SHOULD work. As is said, ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’. So if you are taking risk and feeling emotion in your sessions with me, you will make progress and feel better. Like music, therapy is improvised though in the framework of the science.

Therapy is Craft

The seamstress, the carpenter, the brick mason. What do these occupations share in common? All of these persons develop their skills through apprenticeship. As a therapist, you learn special techniques; means and methods and systems. Others teach you. As you collect tools, you place them in your tool box. Some you will use often. Some only occasionally. Nevertheless, all the tools have a purpose. You are taught the craft by your clinical supervisor.