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New Law Moves GA Closer To Counseling Compact


Only Counseling Compact News

This post is dedicated to providing consolidated information about each state as it passes the Counseling Compact into Law. 

Colorado: 5/20/22, Colorado has passed compact law. Awaiting Governor Jared Polis signature. Further, “$104,538 has been appropriated to the department of regulatory agencies for use by the division of professions and occupations.” The monies are intended for hiring of an additional full-time employee and operating expenses.

Tennessee: Passed counseling compact law. Transmitted to Governor Bill Lee for signature on 5/18/22. The governor can sign or veto. In Tennessee, if the governor takes no action, the bill becomes law by default.

All state boards will likely need funds allocated as it will be costly to properly implement the compact.

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GA has now passed additional legislation with several changes. Among them are:

1) Georgia HB 972 signed by Governor Kemp on 5/2/22 (now Act 813) reduces by one (1) year the previous requirement for supervised experience.

2) Changes degree requirement a 60 hour master’s program. Aims to limit degrees to clinically-related counseling.

3) In general, Acts clarify the section of law. So Act 813 clarifies the Professional Counselors Licensure Compact Act, GA HB 395. Acts dovetail on existing licensing law and are more specific. 

When Will Compact Agreements Launch

As with all states, this will be difficult to determine. 

An important consideration is a concept “Uniformity”. Substantially similar licensing requirements weighs heavily into whether two states will enter into a compact agreement.

Licensing law is administrative law and enforced uniquely. As regulatory enforcement entities, there are obstacles to instantly enforcing state law. 

In contrast, when a criminal law is passed and has been given an effective date, it usually becomes effective on that date. 

Has Counseling Compact Law Been Passed in My State?

States are rapidly moving to pass this law. have passed Counseling Compact Law. It is important to note that none of these states have actually engaged in participating agreements with other states as of this writing. 

Most states will have similar legislative processes. eric-

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