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Meaning of “Counseling Compact is Effective”


Why You Can't Practice Under The Counseling Compact

Many have heard or read that the “Counseling Compact is effective” since the minimum 10 states have now passed compact law.

Why can’t you practice under it? It is effective, because “is effective” simply means the counseling compact organization can begin to take administrative steps within the organization to deploy the structure of the compact. 

“Effective” is limited to the powers granted to the commission/organization relating to assembly and the adoption of rules within their organization.

Afterwards, if and when your state enters into a compact agreement *then* that state will be subject to the rules and regulations which are largely spelled out in each state’s compact law/ compact act. 

Once Completed You Can't Practice in All Compact States

States will need to compare licensing requirements and enter into compact agreements–it could be one state at a time.

For example, if Maryland and Florida determine their rules and law are similar they may choose to enter into the counseling compact agreement. 

In order to participate, your state must pass compact law. Commonly known as The Professional Counselors Compact Act or Interstate Counseling Compact. Or something very similar. 

The Compact States Role in Making The Compact Effective

States may need to pass additional legislation. Most likely, most or all states need to pass rules and regulations that enable them to enter into the compact. This will differ widely between states. 

The process of states entering into counseling compact agreements will be different for every state. 

Once they enter into the compact they become subject to the rules promulgated by the compact commission.

Much more to come…

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