Reciprocity and Associate Licensed Counselors


Are you an associate or provisionally licensed counselor? If so, chances are you want to know if you can obtain counselor licenses in other states. 

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What is an Associate or Provisional Counseling License

An associate or provisional counselors license usually restricts practice. Examples of counseling titles are associate professional counselor, licensed professional counselor in states where *full* licensure is a LPCC or a higher level of clinical expertise (for examples the Illinois Counseling Board. 

The primary difference between these licenses is that usually with an APC/LAC or other associate licenses you must be under supervision engage in work acceptable to that state counseling board.

Other acronyms and titles include Virginia Resident in Counseling,  Alabama ALC, Georgia APC.

Some states do not have a provisional counseling license. You become licensed for full independent practice only after you have met all licensing requirements. 

Can I transfer my associate counselor license?

Most states do/will not issue licenses through endorsement or reciprocity to associate level counselors. 

Becoming Licensed as a Professional Counselor Through Reciprocity or Endorsement

There are several options available to you including:

Wait until you become fully licensed, then attempt to apply via endorsement in the receiving state. This applies especially to licensees physically relocating to that state.

You can also relocate and reapply for an associate counselor license in the receiving state. Sometimes this is the best option since it can be easier to then transition to full licensure. 

If you are seeking Georgia LPC licensure I can perform a license diagnosis so you will know all of the steps and how to present the best possible application. The goal is to prevent Georgia’s board from asking for additional documentation. 

Try some other states–there are a few states that will accept and endorse an out of state provisional license and issue an equivalent counselor license. Again, usually restricted but you would then simply move forward with meeting full licensing requirements.

There are several ways to approach this and there can be several avenues for becoming fully licensed in other states as quickly as possible. Review that state’s rules to find what is most advantageous to you. 

You deserve a former licensing board president on your side.

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