Working in Harmony With Your Unique Experiences

What at an exceptional experience! Eric is knowledgeable, honest, curious, patient, pleasant and persistent. The perfect recipe for what could have been a very stressful move. He is just who I needed to help me work through my professional shift from Chicago to Atlanta. Eric is organized and always had something meaningful and memorable to offer in our time together. Thanks Eric!
Stephanie Cartwright

My Goal is Your Goal

Many licensees seek my variety of services because of my hands-on experience enforcing the state ethics law and rules for therapists. While serving my licensing board appointment I processed over 200 patient complaints against licensees.

At whichever point you terminate supervision with me, we will immediately compare our contemporaneous records of supervision and I will provide your completed supervision form. No worries about locating me months or even years later to sign your supervisor paperwork.

It’s critical you read and are familiar with board rules. I assure you, as a result of supervision with me you will understand the board rules better than the vast majority of licensees and that includes seasoned clinicians and supervisors.

Standing As An Equal Among Your Peers

Sometimes we feel we don’t measure up to our peers or other therapists in the community. Sometimes we feel less-than. Sometimes we even feel less than our clients. 

Sometimes we just feel alienated. Let’s conquer these feelings together. It will enhance your client work. And you will begin to see your practice grow. Think outside of the box and you will discover a world of professional possibilities. I have helped many therapists in training unlock their potential. 

Confident. Competent. Experienced.

Eric's supervision also gave me the skills to sail through the licensing process. I got my LPC on the first try! He knows his stuff..."
eric groh reviews
Caryn Patel LPC
Aspire Center, Owner

The most common struggle of new therapists is self-confidence. I supervise with conviction and decisiveness and instill that in you:

* Highly Skilled in the Licensing Process.  Processed over 7000 APC/LPC applications.

* Focused on Helping You Become The Best You

* Working Through Ethical Dilemmas

* DSM V Diagnosing

* Extensive Experience in Dissociative Disorders and Trauma

* Adept With Psychosis and Severe Mental Disorders

* Sociopathy and Manipulation

* Childhood and Parental Abandonment

* Addiction