ACA Code of Ethics


ACA Code of Ethics Why Understanding The 2023 ACA Code of Ethics Is Important It is important to learn the ACA Code of Ethics. Second to your state counseling board code of ethics, the ACA Code of ethics is the most referenced ethical code by counselors.  The American Counseling Association is also the organization that […]

10 Tips: Choosing your LPC Supervisor


10 Tips: Choosing Your LPC Supervisor. 1) Your Clinical Supervisor Should Be Confident Your LPC supervisor should work with confidence as they develop and build your clinical skills. They should work with conviction. Struggles with low self-confidence and self-doubt are amongst the most common struggles of new counselors. These are normal struggles and a supervisee […]

Can NBCC revoke my state LPC license?


NCC Certification and Your State APC/LPC License Can NBCC revoke or otherwise take disciplinary action against your practice license? What exactly is the difference between an NCC credential and your state LPC practice license? What is Certification through NBCC? NBCC or the National Board For Certified Counselors is a national professional association. The core of […]

State Code of Ethics Conflict with ACA, NASW

which LPC ethics state or prof association

What if your state licensing board ethics conflicts with ACA NASW or AAMFT First, in most cases state counseling laws prevail when there is a conflict with other ethics codes. In some states, some type of formal reference is made to following ACA Code of Ethics. Many counselors maintain LPC credentials in addition to our […]

Counseling Compact V. Multi State LPC Licenses


Waiting For the Counseling Compact v. Individual State Licenses. Now that the Licensed Professional Counselors Practice Act is effective, you have some decisions to make.  Primarily, do you wait for states to implement compact agreements with other states or do you obtain LPC individual state licenses?  If you want to pursue state licenses now, you […]

Sample Clinical Supervision Contract


Sample Clinical Supervision Contract – Free Download This free sample clinical supervision agreement is a free template that is fully customizable. The template is designed to convey to your supervisee that having a license to practice psychotherapy is serious. As a supervisor, conveying that to your clinical supervisees protects you as well. Much of this […]

Most Common Ethical Violations in Counseling


The Most Common Ethical Violations in Counseling: The Top 3. Three of the most common ethical violations in counseling are boundaries, billing fraud and poor license maintenance and not that  ethics and board disciplinary actions are different.  It is most important to understand the ethics violations that result in board actions against your LPC license. […]

Georgia LPC Requirements: Clarifying Myths and Misinformation


GA LPC Requirements: Clarifying Myths and Misinformation LPC Licensing Requirements in Georgia. There are GA LPC requirements myths and misinformation that need to be clarified. The primary myths and misinformation about Georgia LPC licensing involve changes in education, work experience and supervision requirements.  There have been changes in GA LPC board Policies that conflict with […]

Cost and Fees To Be in The Counseling Compact


Who Pays For The Counseling Compact? Most likely you…and I. In other words, licensees/LPCs. The compact organization’s plan is to charge states a fee to participate in the counseling compact. Your state board may then opt to charge a fee for licensees in order to cover the costs of administering the counseling compact. Many states […]

Meaning of “Counseling Compact is Effective”


The Counseling Compact is Effective. What Does This Mean? Why You Can’t Practice Under The Counseling Compact Many have heard or read that the “Counseling Compact is effective” since the minimum 10 states have now passed compact law. Why can’t you practice under it? It is effective, because “is effective” simply means the counseling compact […]