Telemental Health Ethics: Thought Of The Impact?

The Vast Differences Between Telemental Health Ethics and Face to Face. Sometimes we overlook telemental health ethics and associated impacts and consequences. We spend our professional careers studying ethics, worrying about ethics and applying ethics in our practices. Then along comes telemental health and all of the following has changed. What do you do about:  […]

Step By Step Guide to LPC Endorsement Licensure

5 step transferring lpc license other states

Step-by-Step Guide To Finding LPC Endorsement Requirements and Rules  Endorsement is currently the best route to obtaining more LPC state licenses. Since most are pursuing multi state licensing to deliver telehealth, complete a solid telemental health training. Below is a step-by-step graphic guide to finding LPC endorsement requirements and rules using Pennsylvania as an example. […]

LPC Supervision Requirements

Ethics Demystified: LPC Supervision Requirements

LPC Supervision Requirements A Listing of All 50 States’ LPC Supervision Requirements All LPC supervisors must be formally approved by your state board. 1) LPC supervisors must either submit a board-approved application or: 2) Supervisors must hold the NBCC Approved Clinical Supervisor credential. The ACS is accepted by 15 state boards.  3) Hold a state […]

Clinical Supervisor is Incompetent and Unethical

Ethics Demystified: Clinical Supervisor Incompetent Unethical

So you say your clinical supervisor is incompetent? Let’s learn to distinguish when a clinical supervisor is incompetent versus poor quality versus unethical. They may be one or all three. Some supervisor relationships can turn catastrophic. But for sure, let’s learn what you can do about it. But be sure to read Guidelines for APCs […]

Have States Ended COVID Telemental Health


No More COVID Telemental Health Practice Exemptions? Some states have ended COVID telemental health exemptions for out-of-state counselors, social workers or marriage and family therapists. It’s very difficult to determine which states–right? And you need to know if you are illegally practicing.  *This information is accurate today 3/2/22. It’s subject to change. As much as […]

Can Counselors Diagnose At The Associate Level?


Can APCs Legally Diagnose Can associate level licensed counselors legally diagnose mental disorders? This depends on the particular state and other factors.  Critical Factors To Consider Determining If You Can Diagnose. Mental Illness State Law Versus Board Rules Table of Contents Sorting through a state’s diagnosing rules and policies. 1) Stated explicitly in Board Rules. […]

LPC Supervision in Georgia: All You Need to Know

Use these handy steps to ensure you select an eligible Georgia LPC Supervisor. Requirements for LPC Supervision in Georgia are unique and these tips can potentially save you a lot of time, money and LPC licensing application headaches. 1) GA LPC Supervisors must be fully licensed as LPCs for a minimum of 3 years to […]

5 Steps to Transferring Your LPC License For All 50 States


Table of Contents ‘How do I transfer my LPC license to another state?’  First, you don’t transfer your LPC license. There is no such animal. You would apply for a license in the other state— the primary reason being to deliver telemental health across state lines. I’ll teach you how to do it live one-on-one— […]

Can I Deliver Telemental Health Across State Lines?


Can You Deliver Telemental Health Across  Across State Lines. It is illegal to practice a profession in a state you are not licensed. So you can’t deliver telemental health to a client located in a state you are not licensed. Under COVID-19, most states’ emergency executive orders and out-of-state counseling policies have expired. How states […]

Great LPC supervision. Invest wisely.


LPC Supervision Trying to find that elusive great clinical supervisor? Supervisor refuses to sign forms, APC who violates boundaries….good LPC supervision in Georgia defined. Here are answers to your burning questions and suggestions for avoiding unethical supervisors. “Eric was a fantastic supervisor. He prioritized my own professional and clinical growth and agency throughout our relationship. […]